Watson Demos Vol. 1

by Brian Howerin

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In preparation of an official album I hope to release in the near future, I am releasing a set of demos that have accumulated over the years. There may be more of these over time. This is intended to be available to you completely free, but if you'd like to pay, the money will go towards helping me put out the official album. (and I'll probably send you more of my music for free)


released July 10, 2012

Recording and Mixing: Brian Howerin
Photography: Krystal Mignat



all rights reserved


Brian Howerin Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Pictures
I look at pictures
And I remember you
Time is moving
Feelings fade away

The you I once I loved
Is not you anymore, and that’s okay
Cause I’m not the same man
I feel it down in my bones, how I’ve grown

Oh I just wanna say
Things are better off this way
And I really hope that you
Have many happy days

I look at the pictures
And I don’t know you
Life keeps moving
Even though things fell apart, the broken hearts

If I looked in your eyes
I know I wouldn’t find, what once was there
Break the tie that binds
To love again someday
Track Name: The Other Side
A girl is crying
But I walk by on the other side
A man is hurting
He is looking for something to take the edge off
Something to ease his mind
I walk by on the other side

I walk by on the other side
I might as well be blind
Cause I see with my eyes not with my heart
When I walk by on the other side

“Its not my problem” thinking
Has got us into a poor was of seeing
We walk by on the other side
Our brothers and our sisters
Are broken and bleeding and dying and crying
But we walk by on the other side

I will walk by your side
Track Name: The Dark Side of My Heart
Hidden inside
Is a darkness I try to fight
Its cunning and smooth
And its built upon lies

It leaks from my lips
And hurts the ones I love the most
Evading the light
Lurking ever-present ghost

The dark side of my heart
Is tearing me apart
The dark side of my soul
Keeps me from ever being whole

I do what I don’t want to
I do what I hate
I don’t do the things I know I should
Please tell me its not too late

Let this darkness in me die
Bring me once again to life

Lord save me from myself