Something To Say

by Brian Howerin

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released May 17, 2016

Songs written by Brian Howerin & Blake Osborn
Engineer: Jon Carolino
Co-producers: Jon Carolino, Blake Osborn, & Brian Howerin
Assistant to the Co-producers: Dustin Booth
Mixing & Mastering: Jon Carolino

Brian Howerin: vocals, guitars, bass, stomp claps
Blake Osborn: guitars, stomp claps, tambourine
Jon Carolino: drums, guitars, keyboards
Jeff Riggs: vocals on In My Arms & I Am With You
Dustin Booth: stomp claps



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Brian Howerin Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Track Name: Something To Say
I ain't no good
And you ain't no good neither
And together we
Were just counting down
To the day when we knew
That this would all go sour
Just like we know
What goes around comes around
I’ve got something to say to you
I’m leaving town
Taking hold of a simple truth
No longer being your clown
I’ve got nothing to say to you
And it won’t be long
Till you find another
And I’m still singing this song
When we first met
They said it wouldn’t last
And we stuck it through
As if to prove them wrong
There were good times
And there were bad
Now times run out
And we’re back where we belong
I’ve got something to say
Getting on my way
Part of moving on
Is that I gotta get gone
Track Name: Here In My Arms
We were young and unafraid
Not scared of losing anything
Can’t be the thing I want the most
Living life haunted by a ghost
I’ve gone and made a mess of things
You were the best and yet it seems
I only pushed you far away
So far you’ll never hear me say
I miss you
And I wish you
Were here in my arms
I’d kiss you
Be with you
For all of my years
There is a space between you and I
Uncrossable by earth and sky
I am the one responsible
I hold to hope its changeable
Track Name: Pictures
I look at the pictures
I remember you
Time keeps moving
Feelings fade away
The you I once loved
Is not you anymore
And that’s okay
Cause I’m not the same man
I feel it down in my bones
How I’ve grown
Oh I just wanna say
Things are better off this way
And I really hope that you
Have many happy days
I look at the pictures
And I don’t know you
Life keeps moving
Even though things fell apart
The broken hearts
I looked into your eyes
I just couldn't find
What once was there
Break the tie that binds
Love again someday
Track Name: Oh Rose
Oh I know
How rare it is to meet someone like you
Lo and behold
You’re beautiful in everything you do
What can I say
All words flee my mind when you smile
All I can hope
Is that you’ll stay with me for a while
Oh rose, what have you done
Oh rose, I am undone
It's not enough
To say that you’re one of a kind
You don’t compare
The sun to the trees it gives life
Track Name: I Am With You
You’ve been running from yourself
And I’ve been running after you
You’re scared to be alone
But I’m alone when I’m with you
Life is not what we thought it’d be
I am with you
There is no place I’d rather be
Take my hand
We’ll go together
Don’t need no plan
If we’ve got each other
In the silence
When we’ve got nothing to say
I can hear you
I will never walk away
I am
With you
In every season, every change
And when nothing else remains
In every end and every start
Always know you have my heart